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Biology, computers, and music.

Hi there, I'm Toba 👋

A lifelong learner with a deep-seated interest in technology, creativity, and exploration, I'm driven by a never-ending enthusiasm to learn and grow. In my fields of bioinformatics and software engineering, I have gained experience in tackling complex tasks and exploring creative solutions. My love for research and the creative arts has allowed me to share my knowledge with others, as well as express myself through composing and performing music. Ultimately, I'm motivated to use my knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between technology and the real world and create something meaningful and impactful.

More about me, I suppose

Equipped with a diverse skillset.

Several of my interests range from web development and computer science to computational biology and academic research, and even more! My skills are widespread and complement each other uniquely. Below is a sample of a few of my various skills and interests

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Full stack website development

Front-end website design

Digital communication experience

Academic research & writing

Data analysis & visualization

Programming with Python & R

Current project

In the works, information coming soon!

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(They say a picture is worth a thousand words)

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